Uncle Tom's Cabin Chapter 12: Summary and Analysis

Harriet Beecher Stowe

Chapter 12: Summary and Analysis

New Characters:
Lucy: a slave whom Haley buys

Aunt Hagar and Albert: mother and son separated when Haley buys the boy

As Haley and Uncle Tom head toward Washington, D.C., Haley notices an advertisement for a slave auction and plans on buying more laborers to sell south. Haley examines several of the slaves before the auction begins and buys a boy, Albert, away from his mother, Aunt Hagar. Aunt Hagar pleads with Haley to buy her too, so that she can be with her son. But Haley refuses because he would lose money on the deal, growling that Hagar is “an old rack o’ bones,—not worth her salt.” The trader then takes his gang of slaves onto a riverboat, heading further...

(The entire section is 548 words.)