The Ultimate Safari

by Nadine Gordimer

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Student Question

Why must they move "like animals" through Kruger Park?

Expert Answers

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In The Ultimate Safari the little girl narrator and the group she travels with must traverse through Kruger Park. 

"He said we must move like animals among the animals, away from the roads, away from the white people’s camps."

The main reason they must move like animals among animals is to avoid detection. She states that there are wardens, police, and white-people camps, and if the group were to be found traveling through the park, they'd be sent back to where they came from—but where they came from has no food. This is why they must avoid the roads and not build fires while they travel through the park. 

Furthermore, the group doesn't wish to draw any attention to themselves because of the many deadly animals that reside in the park. The group has a particularly close encounter with a group of lions in the night but manages to escape unscathed. 

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