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(Critical Survey of Contemporary Fiction)

Jonathan Kellerman once again calls upon homicide detective Petra Conner to solve another gruesome Hollywood murder. Four teenagers are gunned down in a Hollywood nightclub parking lot; three are identified, while one remains a Jane Doe. Astounded that no one has claimed the young girl's body, Petra must identify her with no clues except the striking pink tennis shoes she died in. To compound matters, Petra must solve the murders while tip-toeing around bureaucratic protocols and procedures.

Struggling to make sense of the senseless crime, Petra is given the additional responsibility of “babysitting” the precinct's highly gifted graduate student intern, Isaac Gomez, who is compiling data on unsolved homicides in the Los Angeles area for his dissertation. As he reviews cold cases, twenty-one-year-old Isaac discovers a correlation between six unsolved murders that have occurred over the past six years. Although the victims appear to have nothing in common that would connect them, they have all been killed on the same day, during the same hour, in the same violent manner. Petra reluctantly agrees that Isaac has discovered a serial killer, but with no clear pattern, the two find themselves in a race against time to prevent another murder from occurring as the fateful date quickly approaches.

In Twisted, Kellerman draws the reader in and delivers a novel whose settings are as richly developed as its characters, and whose multi-layered plot lines keep the story moving and the suspense building.