Twilight Overview Quiz

Call yourself a Twihard? Test your knowledge of Stephenie Meyer's popular young adult novel with eNotes' Twilight Overview Quiz below.

  1. How is Bella lured to the dance studio?

  2. What request of Bella does Jacob Black make at the prom?

  3. What is the first thing Edward rescues Bella from?

  4. Who fixes on Bella as "prey"?

  5. What disturbing news does James give Bella?

  6. Who or what are the "cold ones"?

  7. Where did Bella live before moving to Forks?

  8. When Edward confesses his true identity, how does he tell Bella he is able to survive?

  9. What does Edward save Bella from in Port Angeles?

  10. What "enhanced" game do the Cullens play?