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In Chapter 22 of Twilight, who does the phrase "hopefully it seemed to me" refer to when James asks Bella about Edward avenging her?

"I suppose you're going to tell me that your boyfriend will avenge you?" he asked, hopefully it seemed to me.

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In this dialogue between James and Bella it is James that is hopeful.  Hopefully is an adverb and modifies the word asked.  James is asking Bella the question so he is the one who is hopeful. 

It isn't enough for James to have Bella, but he also wants to kill Edward.  He wants to hurt Edward or at least cause him as much pain as possible.  He can do this by letting Edward see him violating Bella, and he can fulfill his goal by also being able to fight Edward too.

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She is saying that there is a sense of hope in the way James asks the question.  We know this because of the way the sentence is structured.  The comma separates the two descriptions of the dialogue: 1.) He asked 2.) Hopefully it seemed to me.

James wants to see Bella distressed because he knows it would infuriate Edward.  He is on a mission not only to kill Bella, but to hurt Edward as well.

Grammar can be tricky at times, but one way to know who the description is referring to is to refer to who spoke the dialogue.  If Bella were talking about her own hope, she would have stated this in a separate sentence.

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