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Carlisle's Transformation and Role in Vampiric Conversion in "Twilight"


Carlisle's transformation into a vampire in Twilight occurs after he is bitten during a vampire attack in the 17th century. He initially struggles with his new nature but eventually learns to control his thirst for human blood. Carlisle becomes a compassionate doctor and plays a crucial role in converting other characters into vampires, including Edward and Esme, while upholding a moral code against feeding on humans.

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How did the character Carlisle become a vampire in Twilight?

Carlisle was the son of a minister and his father was very involved in a huge fight against vampires in London.  There were incredible battles between the religious folks and the vampires, and in one of them, Carlisle was wounded very badly by a vampire.

As he was lying in the street bleeding, he realized that there was some chance that he would be come a vampire and he knew that his father would kill him if he transformed.  So he hid himself in a cellar to allow the transformation to take place.

He actually tried very hard to kill himself as he hated what he had become, but was completely unsuccessful.  He eventually learned that he could actually feed on animals and so became more comfortable with his condition and accepted it.

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How did Carlisle from Twilight become a vampire?

We learn about how Carlisle became a vampire in Chapter 15, and hear more about his story in Chapter 16.  Carlisle was born some time in the 1640's in London, England.  His father was an Anglican minister. This means, given the religious politics of the time, that he was strongly anti-Catholic and actually, against any religion that was not his own.  His own religious belief included a belief that evil was real and manifested itself in creatures like witches and vampires.  He organized raids against these creatures, and when he got too old to go out on raids by himself, Carlisle took over this responsibility.  While chasing a group of vampires, Carlisle was bitten by one of the vampires.  He realized that if he returned to his father, his father would burn him, just like any other vampire. So he ran away and hid himself.  He survived the attack, but in the process, became a vampire himself.

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In "Twilight", why did Carlisle convert Edward into a vampire?

Edward was dying of the Spanish Influenza; Carlisle was his doctor.  There was no hope of Edward surviving, and Carlisle was slowly building a "family" unit; if anyone was to become a vampire, why not Edward, whose mortality was at an end anyway?

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