Twilight at Mac's Place Summary
by Ross Thomas

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Twilight at Mac’s Place

(Critical Survey of Contemporary Fiction)

Fred McCorkle is out of town, so it’s easy for her quixotically inclined husband to involve himself in yet another escapade engineered by his mildly nefarious partner, Mike Padillo. Still, the aging dynamic duo must needs make use of the younger generation--specifically, the McCorkle daughter Erika and the son of yet another friend from the shadow world of espionage, Steadfast Haynes.

Steady Haynes could not only sell a refrigerator to an Eskimo, but a service contract as well. Over the decades, he traveled around the globe for the C.I.A., attempting to guide various nations in the direction of whatever foreign policy objective was in vogue. The elder Haynes was a very dangerous individual, and his somewhat estranged son, Granville, has all his talent and more.

Thus, when the younger Haynes learns that his father’s sole legacy consists of the copyright to his memoirs, he determines to see what the market will bear to prevent their publication. At this point, people begin dying on every hand, the purchase price of the memoirs rises daily and everyone concerned is hard put to stay alive.

Aficionados of the Ross Thomas canon await the annual issue of the new saga with eager anticipation. TWILIGHT AT MAC’S PLACE will not prove a disappointment. Admittedly, McCorkle and Padillo should be getting a bit long in the tooth--it’s been twenty years since their last appearance in THE BACKUP MEN--but Thomas makes it easy to suspend disbelief. Many readers will also be delighted to see the reappearance of Howard Mott--that curiously unfinished gentleman last seen in OUT ON THE RIM.