Twelve Angry Men Overview Quiz

Think you know the ins and outs of this famous homicide case? Could you sit on the jury? Take The Twelve Angry Men Overview Quiz from eNotes to find out! Contains nine questions on the trial and deliberations.

  1. What is it about the eyewitness that makes the juror’s doubt his story?

  2. What exclamation attributed to the defendant is the subject of much debate among the jurors?

  3. Which number juror is the protagonist?

  4. The old man claims that to reach a certain point, it takes ten seconds. How many seconds do the jurors determine it actually took to reach that point?

  5. How do the jurors try to establish the truthfulness of the old man's testimony?

  6. What does Juror Three do that so enrages Juror Eight?

  7. How old is the eyewitness?

  8. With what does the protagonist struggle at the beginning of the play?

  9. In Act III, how do the jurors react to the discovery about timing?