Twelfth Night Act V, Scene 1 Questions and Answers
by William Shakespeare

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Act V, Scene 1 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. Whose letter does Feste refuse to show Fabian?

2. With what disparaging term does the Clown refer to himself and Fabian?

3. Whom does Antonio think Cesario is?

4. Why does Olivia call in the priest?

5. What has happened to Sir Andrew?

6. What does Sebastian’s presence signal?

7. Whom does Malvolio cast blame on in his letter?

8. With Olivia and Sebastian being the first couple, who make up the second couple?

9. Who make up the third pairing?

10. What satisfaction does Malvolio want for the trick?

1. Feste refuses to show Malvolio’s letter.

2. The Clown refers to Fabian and himself as Olivia’s “trappings.”

3. Antonio thinks Cesario is Sebastian.

4. Olivia calls in the priest to verify her marriage to Sebastian.

5. Sir Andrew has been injured by Sebastian.

6. Sebastian’s presence signals the resolution of the mistaken identity plot.

7. Malvolio casts blame on Olivia.

8. The second couple consists of the Duke and Viola.

9. Sir Toby and Maria make up the third couple.

10. Malvolio desires revenge on all his malefactors.