Twelfth Night Act I, Scene 4 Questions and Answers
by William Shakespeare

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Act I, Scene 4 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. What is Viola’s male name?

2. What task does the Duke assign Cesario?

3. For whom does Cesario feel love for?

4. To what genre does the play Twelfth Night belong?

5. What kind of an ending do we expect in comedy?

6. What kind of vision does comedy have, according to Northrop Frye?

7. What is the community of Illyria doing about the Duke’s love?

8. How does the Duke respond to Cesario’s doubts that Olivia is too “abandoned to her sorrow” to listen to his suit?

9. Does the Duke change?

10. What does Orsino display at the end of the scene?

1. Viola’s male name is “Cesario.”

2. The Duke assigns Cesario the task of pursuing Olivia for him.

3. Cesario feels love for the Duke.

4. Twelfth Night belongs to the genre of “comedy.”

5. We expect a happy ending in comedy.

6. Comedy’s vision has a social significance.

7. The community in Illyria is well aware of and talking about the Duke’s love.

8. The Duke tells him to “be clamorous and leap all civil bounds.”

9. The Duke’s impassioned stance toward Olivia changes slightly.

10. Orsino displays common sense at the end of the scene.