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Act I, Scene 3 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. Do we meet Olivia in this scene?

2. What is Sir Andrew’s relationship to Sir Toby?

3. What did Maria hear about Sir Andrew’s purpose for being in the house?

4. What does the presence of Maria and Sir Toby as characters imply?

5. Who brings in a note of competition to the scene?

6. Does Sir Andrew seem an appropriate suitor for Olivia?

7. What else do Sir Toby and Sir Andrew illustrate in the play?

8. How does Shakespeare reveal Sir Toby’s free spirit?

9. What is “ploce”?

10. What type of imagery does Sir Toby introduce at the end of the scene?

1. No, we do not meet Olivia in this scene.


(The entire section is 215 words.)