Twelfth Night Act I, Scene 2 Questions and Answers
by William Shakespeare

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Act I, Scene 2 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. Where do we first meet Viola?

2. What happened to Viola’s brother?

3. What kind of nature does Viola have?

4. What does Shakespeare imply about love in his shift of thematic emphasis?

5. What device does Viola use to get into the Duke’s service?

6. Is it clear what Viola wants to achieve in the Duke’s service?

7. How does Shakespeare symbolize Viola’s practical side?

8. Is Twelfth Night the only play that involves a character putting on a disguise?

9. What other significant Shakespearean theme does Viola state?

10. What image that the Duke employs does Viola also use?

1. We first meet Viola on a seacoast.

2. He was separated from Viola when the ship sank.

3. Viola has a practical nature.

4. Shakespeare implies that there’s more to love than mere poetry.

5. Viola uses the disguise device to get into the Duke’s service.

6. No, it is not clear as yet what Viola’s specific goal is.

7. Shakespeare symbolizes Viola’s practical side by having her offer money in payment for favors to her.

8. No, Shakespeare has used disguised characters in other plays.

9. Viola states the theme of “appearances versus reality.”

10. Viola repeats the music image of the first scene.