Act IV, Scene 3 Questions and Answers

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Study Questions
1. Why is the garden an appropriate setting for this scene?

2. What does Sebastian try to come to terms with?

3. What does the rapidity of the love match prevent us from obtaining?

4. What gift has Olivia given Sebastian?

5. Whom does Sebastian wish to speak with?

6. Does he accept or reject Olivia’s love?

7. What skill of Olivia’s does Sebastian praise?

8. What plans has Olivia made?

9. Who has she brought to carry out those plans?

10. What is the key symbolic element of this scene?

1. It is appropriate because a wedding is about to take place.

2. Sebastian tries to come to terms with his good luck.

3. The rapidity of the love match prevents us from obtaining Sebastian’s feelings about love.

4. Olivia gives Sebastian a pearl.

5. Sebastian wishes to speak with Antonio.

6. He accepts Olivia’s love.

7. Sebastian praises Olivia’s management of affairs in the house.

8. Olivia has planned a wedding ceremony.

9. She has brought a priest to tie the knot.

10. The key symbolic element is the twins.

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