Act IV, Scene 2 Questions and Answers

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Study Questions
1. What two articles does Maria give the Clown?

2. Whom does she want Feste to play?

3. What label does Sir Topas greet Malvolio with?

4. What kind of room is Malvolio in?

5. What are the two sources of light in that room?

6. How does Malvolio perceive himself?

7. What items does Malvolio request from Sir Topas?

8. What kind of test does Malvolio ask for?

9. Why does Sir Toby feel compelled to put a stop to the trick?

10. What image in the scene suggests the cruelty of Maria and Sir Toby?

1. Maria gives the Clown a gown and a beard.

2. Maria wants Feste to play Sir Topas.

3. Sir Topas greets Malvolio as “Malvolio the lunatic.”

4. Malvolio is in a very dark room.

5. The two sources of light in the room are bay windows and clerestories.

6. Malvolio perceives himself as a wronged man.

7. Malvolio requests a candle, pen, ink, and paper from Sir Topas.

8. Malvolio asks for a test of his sanity.

9. Sir Toby feels compelled to put a stop to the trick because Olivia disapproves of his nonsense.

10. The darkness image suggests the cruelty of Maria and Sir Toby.

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