Act IV, Scene 1 Questions and Answers

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Study Questions
1. How does Sebastian react to Feste?

2. What does Sebastian tell the Clown to vent elsewhere?

3. Who tells the other to abandon his pretense?

4. Who fights in this scene?

5. When the Clown sees the fray, what does he do?

6. Who breaks up the fight?

7. How does Olivia characterize Sir Toby’s behavior?

8. To whom does Olivia issue an invitation?

9. How does Sebastian respond to Olivia’s invitation?

10. What does Maurice Charney say about Feste’s mind?

1. Sebastian dismisses the Clown.

2. Sebastian tells the Clown to vent his folly elsewhere.

3. Feste tells Sebastian to abandon his pretense, “ungird thy strangeness.”

4. Sebastian, Sir Andrew, and Sir Toby fight in this scene.

5. The Clown goes off to inform Olivia.

6. Olivia breaks up the fight.

7. Olivia calls Sir Toby a “rudesby” and “ungracious wretch.”

8. Olivia issues an invitation to Sebastian.

9. Sebastian is surprised at Olivia’s invitation.

10. Maurice Charney says that Feste has an “agile mind at wordplay.”

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