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Act III, Scene 3 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. What does Sebastian say he will not do to Antonio?

2. Where do they meet?

3. What encouraged Antonio to keep up with Sebastian?

4. How does Antonio describe the area they’re in?

5. What does Sebastian desire to do in Illyria?

6. Why does Antonio have to decline Sebastian’s offer to see the town?

7. What does Sebastian reckon Antonio has done?

8. What does Antonio say he is guilty of?

9. Who is the missing link in the love strands?

10. With what character does Sebastian have a similar thematic function?

1. Sebastian says he will not chide him.

2. They meet in a street.

3. Antonio’s love and concern for Sebastian encouraged him to keep up.

4. Antonio describes the area as “rough and unhospitable.”

5. Sebastian desires to go sightseeing.

6. Antonio has to decline Sebastian’s offer to accompany him because he is a wanted man.

7. Sebastian reckons Antonio has murdered.

8. Antonio says he is guilty of piracy.

9. Antonio is the missing link in the love strands.

10. Sebastian and Viola have similar thematic functions.