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Act II, Scene 5 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. Who is Fabian?

2. What is his motive for tricking Malvolio?

3. Who has worked out the scheme?

4. Where will the spectators of the device hide?

5. What does Malvolio fancy himself?

6. What kind of intention do Sir Toby and Andrew evidence by their remarks?

7. In whose handwriting supposedly is the letter that Malvolio finds?

8. What four letters in the letter lead Malvolio to believe it is addressed to him?

9. What is the source of imagery used by Sir Toby, Andrew, Maria, and Fabian to characterize Malvolio’s situation?

10. From whom is Malvolio alienated?

1. Fabian is another of Olivia’s servants.

2. Fabian apparently has a bone to pick with Malvolio.

3. Maria has worked out the scheme.

4. The spectators will hide in a box tree.

5. Malvolio fancies himself a suitor to Olivia.

6. Sir Toby and Andrew evidence a sadistic intention.

7. The letter is supposedly in Olivia’s handwriting.

8. “M,O,A,I” lead Malvolio to believe it is addressed to him.

9. They use animal imagery to enlighten us about Malvolio’s situation.

10. Malvolio is alienated from the rest of the household.