Twelfth Night Act II, Scene 4 Questions and Answers
by William Shakespeare

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Act II, Scene 4 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. What is the first item the Duke requests?

2. Who is not immediately available to sing the song?

3. What kind of a lover does Orsino classify himself as?

4. What does the Duke surmise about Cesario?

5. According to the Duke, does the age of the man in a relationship matter?

6. What does the Clown’s song focus on?

7. Who does the Clown insult?

8. Where does Cesario go once again?

9. What warning does Cesario give to Orsino about Olivia?

10. In what does the lover of the Clown’s song wish to be laid?

1. The Duke requests some music.

2. The Clown is not immediately available to sing the song.

3. Orsino classifies himself as a “true lover.”

4. The Duke surmises that Cesario has been in love.

5. Yes, the age of the male partner does matter.

6. The Clown’s song focuses on the Duke’s frustration with and subsequent failure to obtain Olivia.

7. The Clown insults the Duke.

8. Cesario goes to woo for the Duke.

9. Cesario warns the Duke that Olivia is not open to romance with him.

10. The lover is ready to be buried in a coffin.