Twelfth Night Act II, Scene 3 Questions and Answers
by William Shakespeare

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Act II, Scene 3 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. What does going to bed after midnight mean for Sir Toby?

2. What does Sir Andrew call Feste the Clown?

3. What ability of the Clown does Sir Andrew compliment?

4. What do Sir Toby and Andrew offer to Feste for his singing?

5. What two types of songs does the Clown suggest?

6. What does the Clown’s song define?

7. In keeping with the holiday tradition, what title can we apply to Sir Toby?

8. What plot is hatched in this scene?

9. What is Maria’s motive for the scheme?

10. What does Maria plan to drop in Malvolio’s way?

1. For Sir Toby, going to bed after midnight means going to bed early.

2. Sir Andrew calls Feste “the fool.”

3. Sir Andrew compliments the Clown’s singing voice.

4. They offer him money.

5. The Clown suggests either a love song or a song with a moral.

6. The Clown’s song defines “love.”

7. Sir Toby can take on the title of the “lord of misrule.”

8. The comic plot is hatched in this scene.

9. Maria’s motive for the scheme is revenge.

10. Maria plans to drop letters in Malvolio’s way.