Act II, Scene 2 Questions and Answers

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Study Questions
1. Why does Malvolio seek Cesario?

2. Whose ring is it?

3. What kind of speech is it that Cesario utters?

4. What does Malvolio emphasize to Cesario?

5. Where does Malvolio put the ring?

6. What does Cesario feel about the ring?

7. Who has fallen in love with Cesario?

8. What does Cesario wonder in the latter part of the soliloquy?

9. What motif does Cesario repeat in his soliloquy?

10. What is the critics’ attitude toward Malvolio?

1. Malvolio seeks Cesario to give him a ring.

2. It is a ring from Olivia.

3. Cesario utters a soliloquy.

4. Malvolio emphasizes that Olivia wants Orsino to stop his wooing.

5. Malvolio places the ring on the ground.

6. Cesario feels confused about the ring.

7. Olivia has fallen in love with Cesario.

8. Cesario wonders how the mistaken love will be resolved.

9. Cesario repeats the motif of “appearances versus reality.”

10. Critics have argued over how to interpret Malvolio.

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