Historical Criticism of Twelfth Night - Essay

William Shakespeare


(Shakespeare for Students)

Harley Granville-Barker
[In an essay originally published in 1912, Granville-Barker offers his vision for Twelfth Night...

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Celebration and Festivity

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The themes of celebration and festivity were inherent in Shakespeare's sources; the incorporation of the Twelfth Night holiday was probably...

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Role Playing and Problems of Identity

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J. Dennis Huston
[Huston outlines a number of "unanswered problems" in Twelfth Night. Among these are the...

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Language and Communication

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Ralph Berry
[Berry contends that the action in Twelfth Night centers on acts of communication—formal messages being...

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Viola and Olivia

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Lydia Forbes
[Forbes illustrates Shakespeare's theme of disguise versus self-deception throughout the story of Viola. Viola...

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Malvolio has intrigued critics more than any other character in Twelfth Night. In the seventeenth century, Charles I was so taken by...

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Alan S. Downer
[Downer examines Feste's role as the fool in Twelfth Night, which allows Feste to speak freely and peel...

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