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Extended Character Analysis

Sebastian is Viola’s twin brother, who becomes lost in the shipwreck. Sebastian is pragmatic and kind. He is not as passionate as other characters in Twelfth Night and appears to be fairly calm in relation to the wildly loving characters surrounding him, such as Lady Olivia and Antonio.

Sebastian and Antonio’s Relationship

Antonio is Sebastian’s friend and rescuer. He shows an arguably dangerous amount of love and loyalty toward Sebastian. Antonio claims to love Sebastian deeply after having saved him and nursed him back to health. When Sebastian travels to Illyria, Antonio follows, despite being wanted by Orsino and his men.

After arriving in Illyria, Sebastian is shown further kindness by Antonio, who offers him his money. Sebastian accepts it, despite his higher social class. This shows Sebastian’s dependence on Antonio, who has become a sort of nurturer and caretaker for him. Without Antonio, Sebastian would not have arrived in Illyria or survived the shipwreck.

Sebastian and Lady Olivia

Sebastian becomes distracted once in Illyria. After parting with Antonio and promising to reunite with him later, he wanders off and meets Lady Olivia. Upon meeting Olivia, he finds himself in wondrous circumstances:...

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