Twelfth Night Act I, Scene 5 Summary and Analysis

William Shakespeare

Act I, Scene 5 Summary and Analysis

New Characters:
Olivia: the countess with whom Orsino is in love and who rejects him

Clown: servant to Olivia who sings and provides entertainment

Malvolio: steward to Olivia

This scene opens with Maria and the Clown engaged in conversation. Maria, wondering where the Clown has been, tells him that he’ll be punished for his absence unless he has good reason for it. This threat fails to scare the Clown, as he shows in his offhand replies.

The Clown is equally offhand with Olivia when she enters. He responds to her with insult, ironically calling her a “fool.” Although she tries to get rid of him, the Clown prevails on her to prove that she is the...

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