Twelfth Night Act II, Scene 5 Summary and Analysis

William Shakespeare

Act II, Scene 5 Summary and Analysis

New Character:
Fabian: the servant to Olivia who is the third spectator to Malvolio’s humiliation

This scene is devoted exclusively to the devious comic plot. Sir Toby gathers Fabian, another servant, and Andrew to enjoy the exercise in shame that Maria is about to execute. Fabian seems to have a bone to pick with him, so he is interested in what will happen to Malvolio.

Maria has the whole trick worked out. They will hide in a box tree and observe as Malvolio picks up the falsified letter to read it. Olivia is on Malvolio’s mind when he enters. Sir Toby and Fabian believe that Malvolio’s arrogance makes him suitable game for the trap that’s been set. Malvolio...

(The entire section is 987 words.)