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The Turner House is a novel by Angela Flourney, which follows the couple Viola and Francis Turner. The plot of the book is partially about making your way out of poverty, as the Turners started out as poor sharecroppers in Arkansas. As a result, many of the important quotes in the novel relate to independence. For example, there’s a quote that reads:

A woman without no options is waitin' for a man to come by an' ruin her.

This quote from the main character illustrates the focus on self-dependence in the book, especially for women in difficult environments. Related to this, self-discovery is also a theme in the novel.

For example, there’s the line:

Here is the truth about self-discovery: it is never without cost.

This is definitely in contrast to many other books that portray self-discovery as always an easy, positive thing. One interesting thing about the book is that in addition to poverty, it explores some supernatural themes as well, and the quotes in the book reflect this.

Francis and Viola have a son named Charlie, and he has an incident with a ghost or “haint” that tries to pull him out of a window. When Charlie tries telling his father about this, Francis says:

There ain’t no haints in Detroit.

What’s interesting and important about this quote is that it doesn’t indicate the lack of belief in the supernatural on the part of Francis, just a lack of belief in his son.