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The Turner House is a novel written by Angela Flournoy. The book was published in 2015 and was Flournoy's debut novel.

The story tells the tale of an African American family in Detroit. The multi-narrative novel features stories from various members of the Turner family, which spans for five decades throughout the twentieth century.

The primary characters prominently featured in the novel include Francis Turner, the patriarch of the Turner family. The wife of Francis is Viola Turner, a former sharecropper in Arkansas.

The oldest son of the Turners is Charles Turner, also known as "Cha-Cha." He sees a ghost in their house as an adolescent, and this becomes a recurring theme throughout the book.

Francey Turner is the oldest daughter, while Lelah Turner is the youngest of the siblings. Later on in the book, Bobbie is introduced. He is the grandson of Lelah. Brianne is the daughter of Lelah and mother of Bobbie.

Before moving to Detroit, Francis was mentored by Reverend Tufts. It is Reverend Tufts who motivates Francis to move north. Francis meets Odella Withers, the owner of a boarding house, whom Francis has an extramarital affair with.

Quincy Turner is the second son of Francis and Viola. Russell is the third son of Francis and Viola. Marlene is the second oldest daughter of the Turners, while Lonnie is the fourth son to be born.

Antoinette, also known as "Netti," is the third daughter of Francis and Viola. Miles was born after Netti and became the fifth son of Francis and Viola. Donald, whom everyone called "Duke," became the sixth son. Francis and Viola gave birth to a fourth daughter named Berniece. After her, Sandra was born. Troy is the seventh son of Francis and Viola.

The book also featured many grandsons and granddaughters, many of whom were born in the 2000s. Camille is the daughter of Troy. Monica is the daughter of Sandra. Veronica is the granddaughter of Sandra.

Berniece has a son named Calvin. Meanwhile, Antoinette has a daughter named Tameka, and she has a son named Aiden.

Denise and Desiree are the daughters of Lonnie. He also has a son named Julius.

Antoine is the son of Marlene and was named after Marlene's sister, Antoinette. Alisha is the granddaughter of Marlene.

Charles Jr., also known as "Chucky," is the son of Charles. He also has another son named Todd. Isaiah is the grandson of Charles.