The Turn of the Screw Chapters 23 and 24 Summary and Analysis

Henry James

Chapters 23 and 24 Summary and Analysis

Finding themselves alone, Miles and the governess are at a face-off. In response to Miles’ remark that the two of them are alone, she says that they are not absolutely alone, to which he agrees. She says that they have “the others.” Miles states that, though they have “them,” they do not much count. The governess picks up her knitting to occupy herself. She sees that Miles is looking out the window, and she feels that he is struggling to break free to tell her everything. He merely states that Bly “agrees” with him. She mentions that he has seen a lot of it, since he has been free from her to roam around the grounds. She asks if he likes it, to which he replies, “Do you?” He then...

(The entire section is 937 words.)