(Great Characters in Literature)

Characters Discussed


Frontin (froh[n]-TA[N]), the knight’s valet, later M. Turcaret’s valet. A master of fraud, he ably shows that he is better at trickery than his masters. Replacing M. Turcaret’s valet, he keeps funds flowing from the financier to the baroness, from her to his knight, and secretly from the knight to himself. By the end of the play, Frontin has accumulated enough money for Lisette to marry him.

M. Turcaret

M. Turcaret (tewr-kah-RAY), a duped financier who is in love with the baroness, a charming widow. Deeply enamored, he lavishes gifts on her, little realizing that she is passing on his funds. He is dropped by the coquette shortly before he is arrested for a pay-officer’s default of two hundred thousand crowns.

The baroness

The baroness, a young widow and a coquette. Madly in love with the knight, she is duped as she herself has duped M. Turcaret. Sensing M. Turcaret’s fiscal embroilments, she lets him go only to cast off the parasitic knight when she discovers his duplicity.

The knight

The knight, a coxcomb who loves the baroness only for the crowns she can get from gullible M. Turcaret.


Marine (mah-REEN) and


Lisette (lee-ZEHT), the baroness’ maids. Annoyed by her mistress’ gullibility, Marine leaves her post and is replaced by Lisette, who aids Frontin in keeping funds flowing to the knight.

Mme Turcaret

Mme Turcaret, the financier’s estranged wife.

The marquess

The marquess, her coxcomb.

Mme Jacob

Mme Jacob (zhah-KOHB), M. Turcaret’s sister, a dealer in toilette necessaries.


Flammand (flah-MAH[N]), M. Turcaret’s first valet.