Tuesdays With Morrie by Mitch Albom

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Conclusion Summary

Morris (Morrie) Schwartz died on November 4th, a Saturday morning. His family had all managed to return to see and be with him during his last days. His son Rob had to travel from Tokyo, but he did, which is a testament to the closeness of Morrie’s family. When all of the family members briefly left his room—for a coffee and for the first time in days—Morrie stopped breathing and passed on. Albom suggests that Morrie died this way intentionally so that no one would have to witness his final moments in the way he had been forced to deliver his mother’s death-notice telegram as a child. Although Morrie had feared he would die horribly, he was fortunate enough to pass serenely.

At the start of Tuesdays With Morrie, Albom explains that the “graduation” of Morrie’s last course was his funeral. As Morrie’s ashes were covered with dirt, in the hill within which Morrie had wanted to be buried, Albom found himself recalling Morrie’s instruction to visit his grave—“You talk, I’ll listen.” As Albom tries to do this, he finds that his relationship with Morrie does endure. Albom notes that perhaps one reason their connection endures is because the “graduation” was held on a Tuesday.


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