Tuesdays With Morrie by Mitch Albom

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Chapter 24 Summary

Morrie has begun talking to his Rabbi and family about how to deal with his remains. Morrie has determined that he would like to be cremated, though he jokes that he does not want to be overcooked. The Rabbi is shocked, but Albom interprets this joke as evidence that Morrie had come to identify primarily with his spirit and perceive that his body is just a container. Morrie and Albom go on to discuss how people are scared to look at corpses, almost to the point that you would think they were contagious. As evidence, Morrie points out that in hospitals, after people die, the bodies are quickly covered in a sheet, wheeled away, and sent down a chute. Morrie explains that death should be viewed as a natural part of life.

Morrie shares an experience from the previous night in which he had nearly coughed to death. Rather than feeling horror, he felt at peace once he realized that he felt that he could cross a bridge to another reality. Morrie explains that all people want to reach a point where they feel that they are at peace with death. Morrie argues that if people can make peace with the fact that they will die, then they can move on to the realization that all of the love they created in life will remain after...

(The entire section is 445 words.)