The Truths We Hold

by Kamala Harris

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In the years since, we’ve seen an administration align itself with white supremacists at home and cozy up to dictators abroad; rip babies from their mothers’ arms in grotesque violation of their human rights; give corporations and the wealthy huge tax cuts while ignoring the middle class; derail our fight against climate change; sabotage health care and imperil a woman’s right to control her own body; all while lashing out at seemingly everything and everyone, including the very idea of a free and independent press.

This quote sets up the position Kamala Harris is taking throughout the book. Her position in the Senate—which she won on election night 2016—and her positions going forward are opposed to those of the Trump Administration. Most of the book is designed to show how she came to oppose the policies adopted by that administration and why she believes they are wrong. She refers to the Trump Administration repeatedly throughout the book. This is why she starts the book with the election of President Trump; he is one of the candidates she'll be opposing on the 2020 run for president that she's announced. This quote makes it clear that the book is showing the ways in which she and her policy will be different.

Ultimately, I believe we are going to need to develop a cyber doctrine. As a matter of principle, we will have to decide when and whether a cyberattack is an act of war, and what kind of response it warrants.

This quote is relevant for a few reasons. First, Kamala Harris led the way in incorporating more and more modern technology into California's criminal justice system. She took over as Attorney General in 2011 and says she was shocked by how little modern technology they had. It was what inspired her to start a team designed to figure out how to better implement technology into the system she oversaw and how to respond to crimes involving technology.

Also, the quote refers to attacks on America by outside forces. She explains that hostile actors can deploy attacks with the Internet and other technologies to have a negative effect on America. She explains that it's important for us to decide exactly what that means and how to fight back. This understanding of technology and its importance is something she makes a key point in the discussion of her political beliefs.

Let me speak one final truth: For all of our differences, for all the battles, for all the fights, we are still one American family, and we should act like it. We have so much more in common than what separates us. We need to paint a picture of the future in which everyone can see themselves, and everyone is seen. A vibrant portrait of a vibrant United States, where everyone is treated with equal dignity and each of us has the opportunities to make the most of our own lives. That is the vision worth fighting for, born out of love of country.

Many of the ideas in the book are divisive because the American people are so divided on the issues. Many modern presidential elections are close races between candidates that represent extremely different ideologies. Harris says this quote near the end of her book to explain that those differences can be bridged. One thing that people may want in their presidential candidates is someone who can bring people together. This quote shows that Harris wants to be seen as someone who can bring people with different viewpoints together. It also demonstrates that she still feels that Americans who disagree with her are just as valid as other Americans. These ideas are mixed with her belief that the United States is a place where everyone is treated with equal dignity and has equal opportunities—as well as her belief that everyone wants these things. It's a revealing look into what she believes and how she wants to represent herself to readers and prospective voters.

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