Trump Summary (Tony Schwartz, Donald Trump)

Tony Schwartz, Donald Trump


(Critical Survey of Contemporary Fiction)

Few people are privileged to sit down for a long, informative chat with Donald Trump, the master of the two-minute phone call and the twenty-minute business conference. TRUMP: THE ART OF THE DEAL gives readers a rare insider experience. Even people who are not initially interested in multimillion-dollar developments and big-city finances will agree with Mike Wallace of CBS News that the book is “fascinating all the way.”

The success of collaborator Tony Schwartz is such that nothing appears to come between the reader and Trump. The book’s bold, frank, unadorned language sweeps one into the exciting adventure of capitalism at the top. Read TRUMP soon, while news stories of such figures as Ivan Boesky, Roy Cohn, and Bess Myerson are still fresh. Trump shares his opinions about a long list of important people, including Mayor Ed Koch, Lee Iacocca, Mario Cuomo, Jimmy Carter, and John Cardinal O’Connor.

The reader interested in business will truly appreciate the artfulness of Trump’s dealing skill. Much can be learned from his understanding of the workings of large organizations, such as hotel chains, banks, trusts and insurance companies, builders, railroads, casinos, television networks, and football leagues. He may be ruthless and egotistical, but nobody accuses Donald Trump of being dull.