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Research the importance of music in Shepard's life and the way this interest gets reflected in his plays, especially his early work.

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Research the statistics of domestic violence in America to see how accurate Lee is when he says, "you go down to the L.A. Police Department there and ask them what kinda' people kill each other the most.... Family people. Brothers. Brothers-in-law. Cousins. Real American-type people. They kill each other in the heat mostly. In the Smog-Alerts. In the Brush Fire Season." Is this statement an accurate one of domestic violence, explain how closely it reflects (or does not reflect) real violence between family members.

Research the subject of dysfunctional families in America and compare some of the more "common" dysfunctional features with the family in True West.

Research the rise of the off- off-Broadway theatre movement and read several of Shepard's early plays to see how they derived from and accurately represented that vibrant atmosphere of New York City in the early 1960s.

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