Elle Medina, the charming protagonist of Tales of a Drama Queen, returns in the sequel, True Lies of a Drama Queen (2006). Elle Medina is a self-absorbed yet well-meaning heroine. Happily ensconsed in Santa Barbara, California, Elle has found a stable relationship with boyfriend Merrick and gainful if not fraudulent employment as a phone psychic and local New Age columnist. Elle's best friend, Maya, announces that she plans to wed her boyfriend, Brad, in a mere three months. So in addition to trying to fake out her readers and callers, Elle must also plan Maya's wedding and appease Merrick by applying to legitimate graduate schools so that she can pursue a degree in counseling. Elle even goes so far as to attend a class after she is accepted. She is positively horrified by what she experiences and determines that her job as a psychic is, in fact, more rewarding and honest.

On top of it all, Elle must contend with unknown enemies; the Santa Barbara Grrrrls web site currently features a video of her wearing next to nothing in the dressing room of one of her favorite shops. When Elle is featured on the radio in an effort to nab the internet offenders, her phone psychic business sky rockets. She also unexpectedly finds herself with her very own call in radio show.

Elle is also determined to befriend her new gay neighbors who seem to have no interest in her whatsoever. At the same time, Maya's future brother-in-law has taken up residence in Elle's apartment while she stays at Merrick's; with Merrick away on business, Elle also spends a great deal of time worrying about his potential "extra-curricular activities." Maya must also deal with her editor's demands and constant scrutiny of her articles and Maya's rabbi whose sights seem set on Elle.

Ultimately, Elle finds the stability, happiness and friendship that she seeks. She is only too happy to see everyone in her life happy as well. Despite her self-admitted "drama queen" nature, Elle proves herself to be well-meaning and genuinely concerned with the well-being of others.

Author Lee Nichols has also penned Hand Me Down, Wednesday Night Witches, and Reconstructing Brigid.