Christian Themes

(Literary Essentials: Christian Fiction and Nonfiction)

True Honor is an unusual blend of post-Cold War spy thriller, military romance, and study of the Christian response to the worldwide terrorist threat. By using a fictional framework, Henderson avoids heavy issues such as whether one should take a pacifist stance or view the war as a just war, or whether the terrorism is the result of a “clash of civilizations,” a centuries-old struggle between Christianity and Islam. Indeed, the novel’s villains are not motivated by ideology or religious zeal, but by greed for riches and by a fascination with blowing things up. That they are willing to kill indiscriminately in pursuit of these goals makes them evil. Both Darcy and Sam see themselves as warriors in one small battle of the age-old struggle of good against evil.

However, their roles in this struggle and their personalities make them approach it in two different ways. Darcy is dogged and totally focused on her objectives while working on a case. This enables her to endure the boring parts, the days of scanning monotonous data for one clue. Along with her penchant for analysis, she has frequent doubts. She wonders if the struggle will ever be over, if God will help her endure yet another scene in which innocent people die, and if she is missing something right before her eyes that is the key to a larger puzzle. Her doubts are voiced in frequent short, silent prayers. Sam does not deal in doubt. He has supreme trust in God and his cause—a...

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