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1. When did you realize who the head in the hold had to be? What gave him away?

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2. Why would Charlotte Doyle think the Seahawk was her home at the end of The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle?

3. Did the appendix help you to understand what was happening on the Seahawk? Is there more information you would like to have?

4. Charlotte's father is an officer in the company that owns the Seahawk. How likely is she to escape him by joining the crew of the Seahawk?

5. Why would Charlotte believe that her father would understand what happened to her? Why does he not understand?

6. Charlotte is thirteen years old. Is that too young for someone to run off to become a sailor?

7. The crew of the Seahawk were willing to allow Charlotte to hang for a crime they believed someone else committed. Why would Charlotte forgive them? Why would she trust them enough to rejoin them at the end of the novel?

8. Was Charlotte's joining the crew the right thing to do? Should she have stayed in her cabin instead, or done something else?

9. Why does Charlotte not realize that Captain Jaggery is crazy earlier than she does?

10. What does Charlotte mean when she insists that her joining the crew of a ship is not "unnatural" but "unusual" instead?

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