Chapter 5 Summary

In the morning it is still raining but not as heavily as it was the day before. Keiti tells Hemingway that the weather will be good the next day. Hemingway lies and tells him that he dreamed it had rained heavily up in the Reserves. Keiti replies with a dream of his own in which it rained clear up to the desert. Then Hemingway tells him of his real dream in which they hanged the Informer. Keiti dislikes the Informer and enjoys this dream, but he warns Hemingway not to practice witchcraft with dreams.

The Informer arrives and tells Hemingway that he is a sick man, which he is. Hemingway gives him some medicine and tells him to home to bed. The Informer tells Hemingway that a girl in the village is ill and is sad because he will not come to see her. Hemingway promises he will come when it is his duty. The Informer asks about the dream in which he was hanged. Hemingway dismisses it.

Mary awakens in a happy mood after her rough night. She tells Hemingway of her bad dream, which was that he, Pop, and G.C. had been killed. After breakfast they drive around, though they are limited by mud. When it starts to rain again, they head back to camp. Hemingway and Ngui shoot some grouse, but the safari crew did not like to eat them. Mary and Hemingway express their wish that they would never have to go back but to stay on perpetual safari. Mary pretends to make a speech in which she condemns any woman who thinks she would make a better wife for Hemingway than she is. She does not mean Debba, whom she thinks of as a supplementary wife, but any White woman.

Mary speaks of the lion as her Holy Grail. They remember the time they spotted the tracks of the first great lion. The need to kill would not be understood by those who are sensitive concerning the animal kingdom, Hemingway thinks. He and Mary kill some impala for meat for the families of their safari crew, hoping this will make them all happy. Mary points out that they did not come to bring order to Africa, but somehow they got themselves mixed up in it. They spot lion tracks in the road and are sure it is Mary’s lion. They go back to camp. That night they hear the lion roar.