Troubadours Further Reading - Essay

Further Reading

(Classical and Medieval Literature Criticism)


Akehurst, F. R. P., and Judith M. Davis, eds. A Handbook of the Troubadours. Berkeley: University of California Press, 1995, 502 p.

Includes sections on versification, music, the vidas and razos, origins and diffusion, and imagery and vocabulary.

Alfonsi, Sandra Resnick. Masculine Submission in Troubadour Lyric. New York: Peter Lang, 1986, 455 p.

Examines the theme of masculine submission in some one thousand troubadour poems; includes a study of the vocabulary of submission.

Bruckner, Matilda Tomaryn. “Na Castelloza, Trobairitz, and Troubadour Lyric.”...

(The entire section is 622 words.)