Troilus and Criseyde

by Geoffrey Chaucer

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"True As Steel"

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Last Updated on August 14, 2015, by eNotes Editorial. Word Count: 132

Context: One of the young sons of King Priam, Troilus, observing the rites of spring during the Trojan war, is smitten by love for a young widow, Criseyde. She in turn is taken by his handsome and manly appearance, and responds to her uncle Pandarus' overtures on the young prince's behalf. He, in the meantime, thinking his love in vain, becomes a doughty warrior in the attempt to break the siege of Troy. Finally he wins the young lady's favor after she sees him ride past the castle and recognizes that he is perfection itself, as true as steel:

And Troilus wel waxen was in highte,
And complet formed by proporcioun
So wel, that kinde it not amenden mighte;
Young, fresshe, stroung and hardie as a lyoun;
Trewe as stiel in each condicioun
. . .

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"It Is Nought Good A Sleeping Hound To Wake"