Can you provide a simple English paraphrase of lines 210-309 in Shelley's "The Triumph of Life"?

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This format does not accommodate a prose paraphrase of the entire selection from line 210 to 309, but I can render a portion of the selection into a prose paraphrase upon which you might draw to paraphrase the rest. I'll start at line 268 and end at 295:

"The jealous keys of truth's eternal doors

"If it be but a world of agony."--


"Eternal truths would have still been kept away as though locked by eternal doors if Bacon had not entered into philosophical discussion and unbarred the caves of thought and revealed the treasures of wisdom that even poets quell with their poetic song, which gives the strain of living truth, if truth be thought of as a contagion to the vein that causes authors to suffer vile pain, since words of truth are seeds of misery," said the leader speaking in the dream vision.

"My words were seeds of misery even as the deeds of others," the leader said, pointing to Caesars up to Constantine--all laden with crimes--and to Anarchs who murder and force into being ruling lineages that spread plague and blood and the greed for gold abroad. He pointed also to Popes Gregory and John, men divine, who rose up to separate man from God through teaching shadows (not truths) that overpowered and quenched the true Sun. "Their power," he said, "was given but to destroy--to create but a world of agony."

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