Tristram Shandy Book 6, Chapters 26-32 Summary

Laurence Sterne

Book 6, Chapters 26-32 Summary

Toby had received a gift from a soldier friend of a Turkish cap and six Turkish water pipes. Toby had little use for these objects, although he appreciated the gesture of the giving of the presents.

One day while improvising "field pieces," which readers may assume are some type of miniature canons Corporal Trim and Toby made, Trim decides to put the water pipes to good use. He figures out that if he ties the six field pieces together with waxed strings of silk and then connects the water pipes to one another as well as to the miniature canons, he can, all by himself, fire the six weapons simultaneously.

After working on this project all night, Trim is quite satisfied with himself as well as anxious to get...

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