Tristram Shandy Book 6, Chapters 10-16 Summary

Laurence Sterne

Book 6, Chapters 10-16 Summary

Toby, in an attempt to save Lieutenant Le Fever's life, went the next morning to the house where the sick man lay in his bed. Toby offered Le Fever everything he had. He was willing to buy Le Fever food and drink and to give him money. In other words, Toby said he would do whatever it took to save the man's life.

Le Fever was so grateful that he showed signs of improving, but this was short lived. When Le Fever died, Toby paid for a funeral and his friend Yorick delivered a sermon on mortality, which the narrator states was one of Yorick's best.

After Le Fever was buried, Toby sorted through all of the soldier's personal belongings. There was not much the soldier owned, so Toby use his own money to pay Le...

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