Tristram Shandy Book 6, Chapters 1-9 Summary

Laurence Sterne

Book 6, Chapters 1-9 Summary

Mr. Shandy continues his focus on Tristram's future education. He believes it is time for him to take his son away from his mother's care and find male tutors for him. He is sure that a teacher's influence is very important in molding a young boy, so he wants to be very careful in choosing the right instructor.

Shandy produces a list of traits that he will look for in a potential tutor. These are very frivolous, such as this man should never wink nor squint, nor speak through his nose. He shall never fold his arms, never walk too fast or too slow, nor place his hands in his pockets. He shall never cut his nails in public, nor spit, nor drum his fingers on a table. He shall also never point to "excrement."


(The entire section is 504 words.)