Tristram Shandy Book 5, Chapters 32-43 Summary

Laurence Sterne

Book 5, Chapters 32-43 Summary

As Mr. Shandy continues his research into health, he reads chapters from various books to Trim, Toby, and Yorick.

While reading, Mr. Shandy comes to a sentence that begins, "The whole secret of health" lies in the mastery of two different elements, "radical heat" and "radical moisture." The long discussion that follows this statement centers on a definition or explanation of what these two elements are and how they are applied to maintain one's health.

Mr. Shandy begins his discussion by criticizing "quacks." It is not clear if this is a reference merely to uneducated doctors or to all doctors in general. However, Mr. Shady believes that all of man's problems boils down to the ignorance of "quacks."


(The entire section is 572 words.)