Tristram Shandy Book 5, Chapters 13-25 Summary

Laurence Sterne

Book 5, Chapters 13-25 Summary

Mr. Shandy, in his continuing efforts to comfort himself after the news of his elder son's death, has taken to reciting Socrates to Toby. Socrates, the narrator informs the reader, was a morose man, much more discontented than Mr. Shandy, and that is the reason Mr. Shandy finds reading the great philosopher's words so pleasing at this time.

However, as Mr. Shandy reads a line from Socrates stating that the philosopher had three children, Mrs. Shandy happens to pass by the open door of the room. She mistakes Socrates' words for her husband's and believes that Mr. Shandy is confessing to an affair that produced a third son.

Mrs. Shandy enters the room and states that if this is the case, then her husband has...

(The entire section is 624 words.)