Tristram Shandy Book 4, Slawkenbergius's Tale Summary

Laurence Sterne

Book 4, Slawkenbergius's Tale Summary

Slawkenbergius is one of Tristram's father's favorite philosophers. Of all the books he owns, Mr. Shandy claims if all other books were destroyed and only Slawkenbergius's books were saved, the whole world could be put back together from any chaos with this one book.

Slawkenbergius is known not only for his philosophical writings but also for a large volume of stories of fantasy. It is one of these stories that is next told, partially in Latin with most of it translated into English.

On a sultry day in August, a stranger riding on a mule enters the town of Strasburg. As he passes through the gate of the city, the stranger remarks to the sentry that he has been to the "Promontory of Noses" and is on his way...

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