Tristram Shandy Book 4, Chapters 26-32 Summary

Laurence Sterne

Book 4, Chapters 26-32 Summary

The narrator relates part of the meeting of prominent community members who have come together to discuss the renaming of Tristram. However, first the reader's attention is drawn to an incident that occurs to one of the men, Phutatorius. The hot chestnuts had been brought to the table in a bag. When placed in front of Phutatorius, the bag, being excessively full, cannot contain all the chestnuts, and one of them falls unnoticed out of the bag and down the front of Phutatorius's pants.

At first, the warmth of the chestnut feels unusual but pleasant, but only for the first twenty or thirty seconds. After that, the heat becomes unbearably painful. When Phutatorius feels the pain from the hot chestnut, he has no idea why he...

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