Tristram Shandy Book 3, Chapters 1-6 Summary

Laurence Sterne

Book 3, Chapters 1-6 Summary

Once again, the narrator interrupts the telling of Tristram Shandy's birth and wanders into conversations and ruminations among Tristram's father, his uncle, and Dr. Slop, who has yet to attend to Tristram's mother, in labor upstairs.

First, Tristram's Uncle Toby wants to talk about his experiences during the war in Flanders. He says that he wishes Dr. Slop had seen the "prodigious armies" there. Mr. Shandy, who believes that Toby does not understand the pertinence of his "wish" statement, interrupts his brother. Mr. Shandy is aware of the cultural custom of the person to whom the wish is directed making a countering wish after hearing someone make that wish. There is no further explanation of this custom, although the...

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