Tristram Shandy Book 2, Chapters 18-19 Summary

Laurence Sterne

Book 2, Chapters 18-19 Summary

Corporal Trim has read the sermon that he discovered, and the narrator (who is Tristram telling the story of his life) has described the corporal in detail. First the narrator points out that Trim is not standing at attention as some readers might assume, being that Trim is a military man. Rather, he is standing in what the narrator describes as an orator's stance. Trim leans, the narrators relates, at exactly an 85.5-degree angle, no more, no less. This being the perfect angle for an orator, the narrator points out that this is an example of how the arts and sciences work in conjunction with one another.

The topic of science versus nature is taken up next. Obadiah has returned to the Tristram home with Dr. Slop's...

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