Tristram Shandy Book 2, Chapters 15-17 Summary

Laurence Sterne

Book 2, Chapters 15-17 Summary

Mr. Shandy, his brother Toby, and Dr. Slop continue their conversation while waiting for Obadiah to bring the doctor's medicine bag. During a lull in the conversation, Corporal Trim, a man who works for Toby, walks into the house.

As soon as Toby sees the corporal, he asks the man to run over to his house and pick up his book by Stevinus, an engineer. The book is what had inspired Toby's conversation about war fortifications. Readers can assume that Toby wanted to continue that part of the discourse, possibly drawing references from the Stevinus book.

When Corporal Trim returns, Mr. Shandy asks him to go through the book to see if he can find a reference to a sail boat that Stevinus is accredited for...

(The entire section is 510 words.)